Behind the scenes: Join me for a photo styling session at my own home Sonya the Home Stylist

Behind the scenes: Join me for a photo styling session at my own home

Finding My Essence Through Minimalist Décor.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “behind the scenes” and with the Spring edition of Preloved magazine now available, the timing is perfect for me to share a little more on this 7th edition.

For anyone new reading this I’ve been a regular columnist for Preloved magazine from the initial launch back in 2022, and am so privileged that I’ve been able to contribute to all seven editions.

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Behind the scenes: Join me photo styling for the summer edition of Preloved magazine

Behind the scenes: Join me photo styling at Fritton Lake, Suffolk

For the 7th edition, the subject related to New Beginnings.

What does New Beginnings mean to you?

I loved Preloved editor, Sophie Harvey’s quote:

“It emphasises creating homes and interiors that reflect your essence, focussing on finding a home that has been embraced beautifully through love and admiration.”

I believe I’ve created a home which reflects my personality by embracing a minimalist approach to my personal décor style.

So, what better location for the photo shoot of this edition of Preloved magazine, than my own home!

The fabulous Tamsyn Morgans, arrived on what was actually a rather chilly January morning, and we even had a slight flutter of snow, which is never ideal when you’re shooting for a Spring article!

bunch of blooms consisting of eucalyptus and proteas

A huge benefit when arranging a photo shoot in your own home is the preparations which can be made beforehand, making it super quick and easy for Tamsyn to capture the perfect shots.

Modern living room in preparation for a photo shoot

However, even though I was able to make a lot of arrangements before the official photo shoot, the day still consisted of a lot of backwards and forwards, moving furniture around from it’s original positioning and additional styling, to ensure each shot captures the final aesthetic we’re both looking for.

Who said photo styling was glamorous?

Unfortunately, during this photo shoot I never got round to taking any behind the scenes photographs, as was too busy styling, and also had the phone set up in the background capturing video content; so if you’re interested in seeing some of what was going on behind the camera, I’ll be sharing some content over on my Instagram.

So, let me share a little more on how I’ve approached the styling of my own home.

My Minimalist Journey
I’ve always been a fan of less is more; focusing on quality over quantity; choosing this concept, not only for how I decorate my home, but also when it comes to how I arrange my wardrobe; where I prefer timeless, quality pieces, over fast-fashion.

Minimalist décor may not be for everybody, however by reducing clutter supports my theory of a tidy house, tidy mind theory.
And, ultimately when it comes to housework; it’s far easier to dust beautiful clear surfaces, compared to a unit with dozens of “knick-knacks”.

minimalist interior decor with glass coffee table and a simple bouquet of flowers in a glass vase postioned in front of a fire and wood wall panelling

The Influence of The Netherlands
Some of you may know, we spent a few years living in The Netherlands, and whilst being in The Netherlands, I was in absolute awe of the fabulous interior shops; it was an absolute dream for any interior lover; rows and rows of beautifully styled stores, very different to the stores we have on offer here in the UK.

Before moving back to the UK we made the decision to purchase some beautiful pieces of furniture for our home, and now refer to our dining room  as “The Dutch Room”.

The furniture choices I selected from these stunning Dutch interior shops, are a perfect example of how I love to combine style with function.

My Dutch inspired dining room with unique pieces of furniture combining style with function

Following my own unique, creative style, I’ve created a home that reflects my personality and desire for a calm, minimal lifestyle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, along with a unique glimpse into my home.

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