Sailboat on the Norfolk broads moored up on an embankment with a blanket and selection of blue and white striped cushions, a straw hat and bag

Behind the scenes: Join me photo styling for the summer edition of Preloved magazine

As the summer edition of Preloved magazine goes to print this week, I thought it was the perfect timing to share a little behind the scenes of the photo shoot myself and Tamsyn Morgans arranged for this edition.

With the theme centred around Nautical, I had a very clear vision of the aesthetic I was looking to create; thinking more Swallows and Amazons rather than anchors and lighthouses!

The first challenge was going to be how we were going to source a beautiful sail boat?

During an event myself and Tamsyn were at, our mutual friend Louise from @reclamationandroses just happened to bring into conversation that her and her husband Sam, from Mongers of Hingham had a sail boat on the Norfolk broads which they were more than happy to allow us to use for the photo shoot.

As they say “it’s who you know not what you know!”

Sailboat named "isabelle" moored up on the Norfolk broads

Introducing the beautiful “Isabelle”

With the car fully loaded with various props I was ready to meet Tamsyn, Louise and Sam at Cox’s Boatyard based in Norfolk.

Car boot filled with props for a photo shoot Hessian and black cushions on the top of a picnic basket to the left, an orange Sainsbury's bag for life filled with a grey throw and wooden serving board

Car all loaded and ready to go

Planning an outdoor photo shoot is always a little nerve wracking, as so much is determined by the weather, fortunately the rain held off, even if it was a rather chilly, blustery day and we were all wrapped up in our coats!

Woman dressed in a long black puffa coat positioned to the right setting up for a photo shoot of a sail boat which is in the background on the Norfolk

All wrapped up for a summer photo shoot

Luckily, the sun did shine for us, creating the most gorgeous golden glow we were looking for, resulting in so many beautiful photos to choose from.

Styled shot at the front of a sail boat consisting of a straw hat, champagne flutes, an open book and a wooden board with grapes and strawberries The sun is glowing perfectly providing the all important golden glow

Golden hour

As Sam sailed “Isabelle” into position myself and Tamsyn unloaded the cars, which caused rather a lot of interest from the locals, wanting to know what we were up to.

Luckily, following a chat between Louise and the parish councillor (who was very supportive), there were no concerns to continue with the shoot on the embankment.

With all the “red-tape” ticked off I was able to start styling.

Pale blue and white chequered throw styled with blue and white striped cushions, a selection of books positioned to the centre, three are closed (pale blue, bright blue and turquoise) and one is open positioned to the left of the other three books and an old school camera is sat in front of the closed books. There is a straw hat in the top left corner and a second in the bottom right corner and a straw bag positioned just to the above. The perfect relaxing picnic scene.

Preloved styling

Photo styling really is one of my favourite parts of the job, however, please don’t think it’s all glamour, visiting gorgeous properties in stunning locations.

There is a lot of hard work that you rarely see; being on your feet all day, moving props from one room to another and racing around ensuring everything is just perfect for the next shot.
The last photo shoot I worked on I managed to clock up 17km over a weekend shoot and never even left the property!

Working with Tamsyn was an absolute pleasure, such an incredibly talented photographer and also my first experience of working with a photographer that uses the tethered process.

Having the opportunity to review each shot on the laptop immediately after the photos been taken was such a great way to work, particularly when you’re able to see exactly what small adjustments are needed to capture that perfect shot.

Woman in long black puffa coat positioned to the left in front of a tripod, looking through a camera which is connected to a laptop for a photo shoot at the Norfolk broads. A sail boat is in the background on the water.

Equipment all set up and ready to go

I’d love to share more photos from the shoot; however, you’re just going to have to wait a little longer to get your hands on a copy of the summer edition of Preloved magazine, which goes on sale later this month.

To avoid disappointment pre-order your copy now!

What I can share though, is one of the images from the shoot has been selected for the front cover, which I’m absolutely overjoyed about.

Front cover of the summer edition of the Preloved magazine. Preloved in white large font at the top of the page Picture of a sail boat moored up on an embankment. In front of the boat is a styled set up with a pale blue and white chequered blanket, blue and white striped cushions and a straw hat and bag positioned to the right. Pale Blue banner to the bottom of the page with Vintage, Lifestyle, Interiors, Home written across the centre

Super proud to be on the front cover

I recently announced on Instagram about offering a full Photo Styling service, so if you’re interested to learn more, please do get in touch.

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