Montage of various photo styled interior shots from a beautiful manor house

Photo styling
a unique manor house with a stylish twist

The brief was to arrange a beautiful collection of styled photos for a gorgeous manor house.

“Sonya worked as my stylist and was a joy to work with. Her attention to detail was superb and ability to time manage and complete spaces ahead of the photography made shooting a massive manor house possible in two days!”

A mood board of images showcasing different kitchen designs and styles centred around a Sage Green and Neutral colour palette. The images showcase different elements of kitchen design such as countertops, backsplash, lighting, and flooring.

Timeless tranquil
kitchen space

Having finalised on a beautiful, soft Sage Green tone as the colour theme for the ground floor of this large renovation, my client required suggestions on how to add the finishing touches to the kitchen extension by providing wall and floor tiling proposals and lighting options; creating a downstairs living space that flows from one room to the next.

“Sonya has a fab eye for detail. She was fantastic in helping me to make a start with gathering ideas on how to approach decorating and dressing our very large house renovation. Sonya will be continuing to help me through the coming months with bringing our home back to life!”

Colour inspiration board for a living room showing an inspirational image with a wooden wall, a grey sofa and a grey cushions. The colour palette has 4 colours with their paint references listed below them for Little Greene, Farrow & Ball and Craig & Rose. The colour palette is based around different shared of browns and neutrals.

Colour themes that work throughout the home

The brief was to propose colour themes that can be used throughout the whole house, which have a connecting colour theme, although providing some differentiation between each room.

“I had really been struggling to figure out my paint colour ideas and it had all become a bit overwhelming, but after a chat Sonya was able to see what I was thinking and put together a great selection of colour palettes.”

A mood board of 6 images showcasing different furniture and interior design styles. The images include a bedroom with a green accent wall and a wooden chair; a hanging light fixture with a unique design; a bedroom with a rattan effect wardrobe in the background ; a bed with a wooden headboard and a grey throw; a wooden dresser with a woven design on the front; and a tall wooden single wardrobe with a woven design on the front. The colour theme is varying shared of green.

Japandi inspired
master bedroom

Blending two families together can be quite a daunting experience, especially when it comes to making a family home which works for everyone!
The focus was on creating a bedroom space where you’re able to “escape from it all” and submerse into your own sanctuary.

“Our own individuality that had become so important to us as two single people. Neither of us wanted the other to lose their sense of self in our combined home.”

A mood board of images of furniture and home decor items. The images include a pink sofa, a white coffee table, a wooden bookshelf, a white sideboard, a green potted plant, a floor lamp, and an abstract painting. The colour theme is a soft pink and neutral colour palette.

Fresh modern
living space

My client required support on how to create a homely living space which the whole family can enjoy; as well as having a suitable work space for her photography business which could be used for product styling shots.

A mood board of five images showcasing different furniture and home decor items. The images include a living room with a beige sofa, a bookshelf, and a coffee table; a woven pendant light in the shape of a teardrop; a desk with a chair and a shelf above it; a floor lamp with a wooden tripod base and a white lampshade; and a white shelf with various decorative items on it. The colour theme is a selection of beige and neutral tones.

Relaxing sophisticated
snug area

Create a relaxing snug in the second half of the living room which can be used as an adult only space to relax and escape for a bit of “me time.”

A mood board of different furniture and home decor items. The images are of a wooden floor lamp, a wooden wall panel, a wooden side table, a wooden chandelier, a yellow armchair, a yellow sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a wooden bookshelf. The overall theme of the collage is modern and minimalistic with a focus on wooden furniture and yellow accents.

Fresh and vibrant
lounge revamp

My client required a complete lounge re-vamp with the introduction of a new media wall unit and adding a fresh, vibrant new colour theme.

“Sonya quickly came back with ideas for what I was looking for.”

A mood board of 7 images showcasing different home decor items. The images include a green geometric panelled wall; a white pendant light; a bedroom with a white bed, green pillows and a wooden bench at the foot of the bed; a living room with a wooden chair, a white rug and a wooden side table; a white dresser with gold handles and a multicolored rug with a geometric pattern. The colour theme is Sage Green and Neutral tones.

Tranquil decorative

Creating a beautifully tranquil bedroom space using a colour palette that compliments the interconnecting living space directly below the bedroom; creating a seamless flow between rooms.

“The colour palettes that Sonya has suggested are amazing; an earthy, peaceful focus.”