A mood board of 6 images showcasing different furniture and interior design styles. The images include a bedroom with a green accent wall and a wooden chair; a hanging light fixture with a unique design; a bedroom with a rattan effect wardrobe in the background ; a bed with a wooden headboard and a grey throw; a wooden dresser with a woven design on the front; and a tall wooden single wardrobe with a woven design on the front. The colour theme is varying shared of green.

Japandi inspired
master bedroom

Blending two families together can be quite a daunting experience, especially when it comes to making a family home which works for everyone!
The focus was on creating a bedroom space where you’re able to “escape from it all” and submerse into your own sanctuary.

“Our own individuality that had become so important to us as two single people. Neither of us wanted the other to lose their sense of self in our combined home.”

July 2022
Suffolk, UK