Small rowing boat on a lake, with a weeping willow tree on the left and daffodils in the foreground. The daffodils are bright yellow and are growing in a clump near the water’s edge. The water is calm and there is a duck swimming in the background. The overall mood of the image is peaceful and serene.

Behind the scenes: Join me photo styling at Fritton Lake, Suffolk

Something a little different from me this week as I share with you a little “behind the scenes” from a photo shoot I styled at Fritton Lake, Suffolk.

For those of you that don’t know Fritton Lake is a beautiful lake situated on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk surrounded by unspoilt woodlands and meadows owned by the Somerleyton Estate. Now a private members club you can enjoy the peace and tranquilly of lakeside views by booking your own stay at one of the fabulous woodland Koto cabins.

Myself and Sophie from Stone and Sage Curated arrived at our Koto cabin all ready for a day of shooting and the first impressions were just wow….it really didn’t disappoint; a completely private cabin overlooking the lake on the most incredible spring morning.

Huge bi-fold doors positioned across the width of the cabin allows you to make the most of the beautiful surroundings (whatever the weather) and as the sun was shining it didn’t take too long before they were opened in full, making the most of bringing the beauty of nature into the cabin!

Koto cabin dining room with bi-fold doors across the whole width of the wall which are open overlooking the woodland and lake

Making the most of the bi-fold doors by bringing the outside in

Photo styling is possibly one of my favourite parts of the job, however it’s not all about visiting gorgeous properties in stunning locations, there is a lot of hard work involved, which you rarely see!

Behind the scenes photo shoot. In the foreground is a picnic table styled with tablecoth and bowls, in the background a photographer is taking photos of the koto cabin situated within woodland

Behind the scenes

After unloading the car full of props, the day was spent darting round room to room getting each area styled as Sophie added her magic, capturing each shot beautifully for the client.

Being on hand in the background is so important for tiny little adjustments, which can really make the difference when capturing the perfect shot!

Pine desk with tea tray positioned on top with a book, teapot and mug in blue and a peace lily plant to the left

It’s all in the detail

As one area is completed, it’s moving the many props often congregating behind the scenes, ensuring everything is out of shot for the next round of images.

Tea tray styled with book, teapot, cup and saucer on the edge of a beige sofa positioned in front of a log burner

Cosy vibes

You can also find yourself having to double up as a “model”!

Lifestyle shot with model pouring tea from a teapot into a blue mug

I need to start charging a commission for my hand being used in shots

By the end of the day, when you’ve done all the washing up, packed everything away, reloaded the car and made sure the property has been left as you found it, you really are ready for a soak in the hot tub and a glass of Prosecco!

Although it’s all been worth it in the end…cheers!

Hot tub with steps leading up to it, styled with white towels, a glass of Prosecco and an open book

Time for a dip!

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