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Interior Design Trends 2024: What’s in and what’s out: Part 2

Showcasing some of those interior design trends you can kiss goodbye to in 2024

Following on from Interior Design Trends 2024: What’s in and what’s out this weeks post is all about those Interior Design trends you can kiss goodbye to in 2024.

So as a recap of “whats in” for 2024 we’re loving:

  • Sustainable materials
  • Inviting living rooms
  • Vintage Lighting
  • Wall panelling
  • Statement pieces
  • Pausing from technology (spathrooms)
  • Local makers and designers
  • and Brown resurgence

As with all trends, some come and some go and I’m a firm believer that we should chose to decorate and style our home based on our own personal tastes, and what works for our lifestyle; not to follow what a design agency suggests.

“Ultimately you live in your home so it’s important it works for you.”

However, as my duty to share both sides of the Interior Design Trends debate, here’s my selection of trends which are on there way out for 2024.

Fast furniture
Probably not a huge surprise to read, especially as we all look to try to be more intentional in our choices when it comes to, home, fashion and general lifestyle decisions.
Invest in good quality, timeless pieces that are built to last.

Open plan design
This may be a surprise for some of you, as once the height of functionality and sophistication large open plan, loft-style living is moving away for cosy inviting spaces which have their own distinct function and unique design style.

open plan living

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Wicker lamps
I absolutely love lighting, although I can’t say wicker lamps is up there in my personal interior design choices.
Whilst we may be kissing goodbye to wicker lamps in 2024, lighting inspired by natural elements is still going to be big for this year; incorporating organic shapes, earthy tones and natural materials.

Check out my ultimate guide to choosing lighting where I share some of my personal favourites.

All white wall obsession
2024 is the year to reconsider stark, white, monotone walls, which can often feel clinical and generally un-homely, use this as an opportunity to embrace colour by adding some personality into your home.

Colour blocking is an inexpensive, effective way to add some vibrancy and if that sounds too scary, you can inject some colour into your home through simple accessorising using cushions or throws.

Terracotta block panelled living room wall to add warmth to a stark white room

Mustard yellow colour blocking for a bedroom to add warmth to a stark white room

Kiss goodbye to all white walls by adding some warmth

While we’re on the subject of the colour white…

White kitchens
A popular trend, what seems like forever is on it’s way out this year, and the dazzling white kitchens we’ve all grown to love are being pushed aside for more subdued colour choices such as blues and greens.

Now a kitchen is often a huge investment for a home, so whilst it’s not practical to just “pop out and buy a new kitchen” there are some simple ways to add some character to your white kitchen; adding plants, bowls of fruit and if you have space maybe some rustic oak shelves which can be beautifully styled.

white kitchen with oak shelves for styling

Photo by Nico on Unsplash

The same can be said for the colour grey.

Grey overload
2024 is the year to re-think all-grey colour schemes and consider mixing up with a new neutrals to add an element of warmth; earthy tones, sage greens or even blue tones can compliment those all-grey walls perfectly.

Selection of colours which fits with the warm colour story for Dulux

Warm colour story by Dulux

Selection of colours which fits with the calm colour story for Dulux

Calm colour story by Dulux

If you’re intrigued with any of these colours suggestions, you may enjoy reading my post on how to use Sweet Embrace in your home:

Ivory boucle
Now, it wasn’t that long ago where I adored the Soho Home Garrett Chair, however at a cool £1,695 (or £1,441 for members) it was out of my price range, and some may say just as well!

boucle circular chair in beige

Garrett chair by Soho Home

This unusual, purposely “pill-y” fabric has had it’s day for 2024.

Why not consider furniture which has some wow factor, you can find out more from Part 1.

Social media trends
STOP creating your home for social media.

Embrace your own personal style, ignore the perfectly curated “show-home look” you see on Instagram and Pinterest and be more you!

white and brown living room set

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Forget the perfectly matched cushions, or rainbow colour co-ordinated bookshelves, create your own cosy space and express your personality through your own home design.

Row of books in the colour theme of a rainbow, starting from the left with green, into blue, purply, pink, red, orange and finishing with yellow

Forget colour coordinated bookshelves

Embrace the cosiness of inviting living rooms.

cosy living room with bamboo sofa and lots of plants

Cosy Living Room by Wendy Wei on Pexels

“express your personality through your own home design”

Are there any surprises in the choices I’ve chosen to share?

If you happen to have missed Part 1 of this series you can catch up here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post.

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