Interior design trends 2024 Modern living room with walnut feature wall and marble electric fire positioned in the centre with grey corner sofa and modern glass coffee table following one of the interior design trends for 2024

Interior Design Trends 2024: What’s in and what’s out: Part 1

Showcasing some of my favourite interior design trends for 2024

On the contrary of what this photo of my living room is showing, I’m not actually a follower of interior design trends; however based on what the experts are telling us I’m “right on trend” with my interior choices for this year.

I do however enjoy reading what the proposed trends are at the start of each year and it’s a great topic for creating and sharing content.

I’ve decided to share this post in two parts; (i). interior design trends which are in for 2024 and (ii). those interior trends which are on their way out! I’ll be sharing Part 2 in a fortnight, and this will be available to all subscribers.

So, what can we look forward to for 2024?

It would seem there is going to be a lot of connection between our interior design choices and fashion.

I’ve always been a fan of less is more; focusing on quality over quantity; choosing this concept, not only for how I decorate my home, but also when it comes to how I arrange my wardrobe.

Funny enough, I’ve just finished writing a piece for the Spring edition of Preloved magazine on exactly this topic.

And, much to my delight Brown is going to be huge for 2024!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram will be very familiar for my love of all things earthy tones.

So, here’s my selection of favourite interior design trends which have been predicted for 2024.

Sustainable materials
Whilst the use of sustainable materials have been in the forefront of peoples minds over the last few years, 2024 is the year where intentional sustainable choices are even more of a focus.

reclaimed kitchen made from the floor boards of an old club dance floor

Reclaimed kitchen by Sally Denning

One of my favourite examples of sustainable choices is this kitchen by Sally Denning.

How cool to have a kitchen made out of an old Yorkshire dance floor; the stories those kitchen doors could tell!

Inviting living rooms
Embrace the cosiness of a living room, which welcomes warm earthy tones combined with natural materials and textures.

Kiss goodbye to stark bright whites and greys and welcome warmer cream tones, browns, rusts and even muted greens.

cosy, inviting living room using various shades of brown with an open fire

Living room by Liefhebberi Je

Vintage lighting
I absolutely love lighting, it’s one of my guilty pleasure and wrote a blog on the topic last year where I share a selection of my own personal favourites.

Find out more here.

So I was overjoyed to read how vintage lighting is a trend to look out for during 2024.

During my research I discovered some gorgeous examples of vintage lighting.

Art N Deco based in Zurich, Stockholm, 20cModern located in Detroit, Michigan and Studio Schalling in Sweden were definitely my top three discoveries for really stunning furniture and lighting.

You should definitely explore these stunning websites at your own leisure, although I won’t be held accountable for any impulse purchases that might tempt you.

1950's Scandinavian vintage floor lamp in teak and brass

1950’s Scandinavian floor lamp from Art N Deco

Three arm articulated table lamp with rust orange, cream and black shades and brass base

Ben Seibel table lamp from 20C Modern

1950's brass ceiling light

Lisa Johansson-Pape ceiling light from Studio Schalling

Wall panelling
A favourite of mine and I’ve never looked back since we added our own walnut panelled wall in our living room.

It not only adds warmth to the room, it’s completely transformed our living space.

Showing before the walnut wall panelling was added to the feature wall in the living room

Before the wall panelling

Showing the walnut wall panelling which was added to the feature wall

After the wall panelling

If you’d like to read how we created this feature wall you can catch up on a previous blog here.

Statement pieces
Goodbye normal, and hello impactful pieces that will start a conversation.

To my excitement, sculptural furniture will be playing a key part on our interior choices this year.

I love finding pieces that are like pieces of art, yet are still functional. Why should we only look at the practicality of our furniture choices?

Go bold and beautiful.

cream chaise lounge in front of a wooden panelled wall

Chaise lounge from Skandium

statement dining table through an archway with dramatic lighting positioned above

Go bold with your interior choices: Photo by Tamsyn Morgans

Spa-inspired bathrooms
Spa-inspired bathrooms (otherwise referred to as spathrooms) will continue to influence our design choices.

I’ve been working on our new bathroom (due to start this summer) for months, actually more like years!

Totally inspired on how to create my own tranquil spa area at home. I’ll be writing more on this over the coming months and sharing the progress as we begin our first ever renovation; we’re extending over the garage in order for me to create my dream.

spa-inspired bathroom with dark brown feature wall and standalone bath

Spa-inspired bathroom

Local makers and designers
Another trend I’m very happy to see being promoted; to support and use local makers and designers.

Personally, the high street here in the UK is dire; most high streets have the same major retail chains wherever you visit in the country.

Discovering and supporting independent businesses which offer something new and different, with the added bonus of helping small business owners achieve their dreams is even the better.

Shop small and local, whenever you can and remember:
“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!”

Brown resurgence
Now I know Brown isn’t for everyone, however I love all things neutral, earthy tones, so I’m very excited to read that Browns will be making a comeback for 2024.

Throughout this month on Instagram I will be sharing plenty of earthy delights for you, from creamy mochas, to rich, velvety chocolates and everything in between.

Here’s a little taster of more to come.

Dark moody living space, with brown sofa against the wall

Dark and moody by Kraut Kopf

living room in various shades of brown, a corner sofa with lots of brown cushions by the side of a modern open fire

Living space by Cleo Scheulderman

Dark wood panelled wall with single chair positioned to the front angles looking out of a large window

Gorgeous styling by Carpet Mantra

Do you have a favourite interior trend for 2024?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and I’ll be sharing Part 2 in two weeks time, where I’ll be sharing all those interior design trends which are on there way out!

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