A modern living room with a fireplace and a wooden accent wall. The room has a wooden floor and a grey corner sofa with a throw and pillows. There is a white armchair with a wooden base and a coffee table with black legs and a glass top in front of the sofa. The fireplace is white and built into the wooden accent wall. There is a brown and white abstract painting hanging above the sofa. There is a decorative copper light pendant hanging from the ceiling.

Create a stunning wood panelled feature wall for your living space

I love combining elements of nature into the home and adding a panelled feature wall to our lounge has really added a new dimension to the living space.
Researching different wood panelling options, I decided a simplistic design of American Black Walnut timber was the right direction for our modern home.

There are a few brands available where you can purchase already made panelling, although what’s the fun in that when you can create your own bespoke panelling, specific to your requirements.

The first thing is to create your design on paper and make sure all the dimensions are right; check, check and check again; the last thing you want to find is that you’ve either not ordered enough wood, or ordered too much!

Paper drawing of feature wall including dimensions

Create your design on paper

We purchased MDF sheets to attach to the wall, to provide a secure base for the wooden strips.

Before we got started, I marked out all the measurements directly onto the MDF sheets, just to be sure all the measurements were worked out correctly. It’s a lot easier to redraw the design at this stage rather than going straight in with gluing the timber and then finding things aren’t lined up as they should be.

Measurements of wooden slats drawn onto the MDF panel for placement checks

Mark out your measurements onto the MDF sheets

The MDF sheets are then positioned in place, to provide a secure base for the wooden strips; as wood is a natural material it can shrink so this helps prevent movement if attached directly to the wall.

Masking tape was applied to show where the wooden strips were to be positioned and then the whole wall (including the MDF base) was painted using Little Greene Knightsbridge.

MDF panel positioned on feature wall painted in Little Greene Knightsbridge (muted brown tone)

Feature wall painted in Little Green Knightsbridge

From removing the masking tape, you can really start to see how the feature wall is coming together.

Now the fun begins!

Once the American Black Walnut from British Hardwoods was cut to size, each wooden strip was glued into position; (the wooden strips are glued directly to the MDF (wood to wood) and not on the paint).

American black walnut wooden strips attached to the MDF panel on the feature wall

Wooden strips glued to the MDF base

The final step is to oil the feature wall; we used Osmo Satin Clear oil, which really brings out the beauty of the American Black Walnut.

Modern living room with wood panelled feature wall using American black walnut set around a modern

Final wood panelled feature wall


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