Brass coloured shelving unit displayed with books and photos in a very minimalist style

Suggestions on how to style a bookcase effectively

When it comes to looking at how to style a bookcase, we can often over complicate it; there isn’t the need to cover the whole shelf, or even every shelf; less is very much more!

Look at how you want to display your books

Consider arranging in small piles and positioning them both vertically and horizontally; vary the height and depth of books to add visual interest.
Incorporating decorative accessories such as a vase or bowl to make the space more aesthetically interesting.

Modern bookcase of 6 cubed shelves styled very minimalist with a wooden chair positioned to the right side of the bookcase

Less is more when styling a bookcase

Add a personal touch 

This could be a photo that brings back a happy memory, something that reminds you of a special holiday or memorable time in your life. It’s these little touches that you’ll be drawn to, so it’s worth choosing things that will make you smile.

Simple set up of 5 books in varying widths showing the pages rather than the spine of the book alongside a white ribbed vase with two dried ferns inside

Add a personal touch

Include greenery

Trailing plants positioned either on top of the bookcase or to the edge of a shelf can work really well, adding both colour and texture.
Plants are also known for helping create a calming atmosphere, which supports with reducing stress and anxiety, so win, win!

Bookcase with trailing plant to the right

Trailing plants are really effective for adding both colour and texture

Think about the colour theme

Do you want to link to one particular colour? Maybe you’d like to link the colour theme to a certain room or you may decide to choose a calm neutral colour palette of off-whites, stones and earthy tones.

Shelves full of books of varying different shades of browns and creams

Consider a neutral colour theme

For those of you that love colour why not consider going bright and bold with a rainbow colour combination.

Row of books in the colour theme of a rainbow, starting from the left with green, into blue, purply, pink, red, orange and finishing with yellow

Go bright and bold with a rainbow colour theme

You really can have a lot of fun when it comes to deciding which colour theme to follow, it’s all about personal choice and ultimately styling your bookcase in a way that works for you.

Rickety bookshelf set up in a garden shed with books positioned all over the place. Three empty flower pots positioned on the top shelf

Whatever your style make it personal to you

In my next blog I’ll be sharing tips on how to make the most out of a small space, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy styling!

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