botanical themed bedroom of green and white

8 creative ideas on how to incorporate a botanical style in your home

Without the risk of harming any plant babies

If, like me, you find yourself challenged in the green-fingered department, struggling to keep those plant babies alive, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading this weeks post.

I’ll be I’m sharing some creative ideas on how to incorporate a botanical style in your home; from tiles and wallpapers to home accessories, I’ve got you covered!

Wall coverings are a wonderful way to introduce a botanical theme into your home.

Whether you opt for a subtle, tonal pattern to decorate the entire room; want to make a striking impression with a bold botanical print, or looking to create a standout feature by using a wall mural, there are so many fabulous options available.

Subtle, tonal bamboo inspired wallpaper

Bold fern leaf design printed wallpaper

Botanical oasis mural

From subtle tonal patterns, to bold botanical prints and even wall murals, the choice is endless

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a botanical themed fabric for your home. Whether your upholstering furniture, making curtains or cushions or even a new headboard; choosing the right fabric in terms of both weight and drape is really important.

Think about the end use the fabric is being used for, not just in terms of wearability, also the design or pattern you select.

For seating you will want to consider a more structured, robust fabric, whereas for accessories such as cushions, you can consider a less hard-wearing fabric, and maybe something with a more delicate embroidery.

Make a real statement with your fabric choice, consider a bold design which would look fantastic for an accent chair, or a natural trailing design which would look amazing by making the most of the length of fabric needed for curtains.

I couldn’t share my fabric choice without including quite possibly two of the most famous fabric suppliers producing gorgeous fabrics linked with nature and florals Liberty and William Morris.

Botanical fabric from Liberty

Botanical fabric from Liberty

Botanical fabric from Liberty

Fabrics by Liberty

William Morris botanical fabric

William Morris botanical fabric

William Morris botanical fabric

Fabrics by William Morris

The bathroom is a fabulous starting point if you’e interested in adding the botanical theme into your home, and there are some amazing tiles that really do have the WOW factor!

Feast your eyes on these stunning tiles from Ca’Pietra.

Botanical tiles from Ca'Pietra

Botanical tiles from Ca'Pietra

Botanical tiles from Ca'PietraIf retiling the bathroom is a slightly bigger project that what you’d like to take on, take a look at these bathroom accessories from M&S from towels to bath mats, there’s no excuse to not be able incorporate the botanical theme throughout your home!

botanical bathroom with botanical towels and bathmatHouse Plants
Maybe an obvious choice, however adding house plants is a fabulous way to bring some natural greenery into your home, whether your a first time plant parent, or have an oasis of plants in your home, it’s a great way to help boost your mood.

Home Accessories
Home accessories are such an simple and cost effective way to add the botanical theme into your home.

If you regularly read my monthly shopping guides, you won’t be surprised to see a few botanical suggestions from M&S.

This fabulous botanical themed bedroom is quite literally all or nothing!

From the botanical inspired wallpaper, to the curtains and bedding, it’s definitely ticking all the boxes.

botanical themed bedroom of green and whiteIf you’re a cushion lover, and let’s face it, you can never have too many cushions, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to searching botanical themes.

Here’s just a minuscule selection for you today.

Floral designed bolster cushion in shades of blue

Floral designed bolster cushion in shades of blue

embroidered floral bolster cushion in neutral tones of beige and greenFloor Coverings
If you’re not wanting to take things quite so literal, you could consider adding a rug for a modern take on the botanical trend.

Jane Clayton has a fabulous collection of botanical inspired rugs.

I love this fun leaf shaped Mini Monstera rug.

leaf shaped rug

And if you’re looking for something to make more of a statement you can’t go far wrong with the Manila design by Sanderson.

Bright and bold leaf design rugWall Art
Is always a great way to incorporate a theme or trend, without it causing too much of an upheaval or a lot of money.

There are so many beautiful pieces of artwork available, although one of my favourite finds was this stunning trio set on Etsy.

trio of botanical artworkI love the simplicity of the designs drawn onto a delicate pastel colour palette, and placing a series of art work on your wall is always very effective.

The added bonus as with most sellers on Etsy, is you’re also supporting a small business, which I’m all for; so if you have a spare half an hour, do pop over and have a little scroll through, you won’t be disappointed.

Dried Flower Wall Hangings
What better way to add a botanical theme into your home, than bringing the outside in with the introduction of some dry flowers? However I’m not referencing the “standard” bunch of dried flowers, I’m referring to creating a dried flower feature or wall hanging.

If you’re not familiar with Natalie from thewildfolkflorist do pop over to Instagram and check out her work, or if you prefer you can find more information out on her website.

wild flower branch made with skeletonised hydrangeas, catkin tassels, physallis and shoo fly podsI was very fortunate to work alongside Natalie during a photo shoot a couple of years ago and her dry flowers creations are just amazing.

dried flower arrangementsAs a simple DIY option you could source sticks from your back garden and attach dried flowers and ferns with string to create an attractive wall hanging.

dried flower wall hanging

If you’re interested in giving this a go for yourself, check out the link here.

Hopefully I’ve been able to inspire you to research a little more on the botanical theme.

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