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Space saving storage solutions: Clever tips to transform your home

Do you live in a small space and struggle to find enough room for your belongings? Or do you wish you lived in a more organised, clutter-free home?

You are not alone!

This is a common problem for many people and I’m going to share a few simple tips and tricks that can help transform your home.

Read on to find out more.

The living room:
Normally the hub of the home where you spend a majority of your time, so it’s important it’s an enjoyable space which the whole family can enjoy.

Minimising the amount of “stuff” you have on display can help not only make your room feel larger, it will also feel so much more inviting.

Maximise those alcoves
If you’re lucky enough to have alcoves in your living room (or any room for that matter) consider adding built in cupboards or shelves.

Living room alcoves with built in shelves to the top and cupboards underneath

Modern white cupboard with fluted oak door which is wall mounted

Black wall mounted cupboard with reeded glass doors

So many options to consider for adding additional storage to your alcoves

Other uses for alcoves is to incorporate a home office by adding a small desk (either wall-mounted or foldable) with shelving above, a vanity area for a bedroom, or even a boxed-seating area.


Home office built into an alcove wall maximising space in your home

Home office by @the_house_acc

Vanity area built into a small alcove in a bedroom

boxed seating area positioned below a window

Get creative with your alcove space

Multipurpose furniture
If space is a concern in your home, why not consider furniture with built in storage. There is a huge range of space saving furniture, from sofas to coffee tables with drawers to modular storage units which can be customised in size and shape, whatever your needs or preferences; there are plenty of options to choose from!

Save on floor space
A great tip to make a room feel larger than it really is, is to choose furniture that doesn’t sit directly on the floor, this will allow light to pass under, giving the impression of more space.

Top Tip: Wall mount your TV, rather than having it sitting on a unit

media wall unit which runs across the length of the living room

Bespoke media wall unit

Add a sense of calm to the bedroom
Your bedroom should be your very own personal sanctuary which you can retreat to for some well deserved rest and relaxation. However, if it’s a little over-cluttered it can affect both your mood and even your sleep quality!

Utilise any free space
There are so many creative (and cost effective) ways to utilise as much space as you can in the bedroom. From simple tips like making the most of the back of the doors, using double tiered rails in the wardrobe (with additional shelving added above) to creating a boxed in area behind the bed, replacing the headboard which would also double up for a shelving area.

boxed in area behind the bed painted in yellow which doubles up as a headboard and shelving unit

Create a boxed in area behind the bed for additional shelving

Multifunctional furniture
Divan beds are fantastic for maximising storage, however if you don’t have a bed with built in storage consider purchasing storage boxes, or drawers to sit underneath, which is a great way to store additional bedding, or seasonal clothing.

Top Tip: Pack seasonal clothing into vacuum bags, once you’ve compressed the air out of them, you can save even more space!

Why not look at adding a small bookcase or trunk to the end of the bed which will provide valuable storage, you can even add a cushion to the top to provide an additional seating area.

The heart of the home
In most homes the kitchen is an area which can be busy with different activities, from meal preparations and cleaning to entertaining with friends and family. So, it’s important to have a space which is well organised.

Maximise storage space
Having drawers rather than lower cupboards is a great way to maximise space in the kitchen as drawers are perfect for storing plates, bowls and cutlery. I’m sure most of you do, although for anyone that doesn’t I highly recommend purchasing a cutlery drawer. It’s a really beneficial (and cost effective) way to keep everything organised and makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for; plus there are also plenty of storage solutions available for those awkward, hard to reach spaces in the kitchen.

Get organised
Organise your cupboard by having all your cleaning products placed in either stacking bins or plastic drawers which keeps everything tidy and visible. The same applies for your pantry, having open packets transferred into labelled jars will help reduce the amount of waste as well as keeping everything looking beautifully organised.

Visually beautiful
Using open shelving is a great way to display some of your favourite items and is also a fun way to add some styling to your kitchen.

two dark wooden shelves with kitchen accessories styled on them

Open shelving: a fun way to add styling to the kitchen

If you can, look to keep your counters as clutter-free as possible. Minimise how much you have on display, this will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, it will provide you with all important preparation space for cooking and entertaining.

I highly recommend visiting A Place For Everything if you’re looking for home storage solutions, they quite literally have ideas for every room in your home.

I really hope you’ve found this helpful and I’ve been able to provide some useful tips which you can implement into your home.

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