Showing the conservatory before the stained glass window was added. The bookcase is to the left of the window and there is a palm-type plant, and a futon opposite, there are bamboo blinds in front of the windows and doors.

How I transformed a boring double-glazed window into a unique piece of art

As with many homes, conservatories were (or still are) added at a later date, which depending on the room, can leave an outside window essentially in your living space!
This is exactly where we were when we bought our house, so when sat in the conservatory you were looking at an ugly uPVC window, which I really disliked.

I wanted to replace the window with something more “artistic” that wouldn’t restrict any light shining into the lounge and the idea of a bespoke stained glass window was looking to be the solution.

Randomly I came across John from Village Stained Glass, a local guy based in Beccles who creates stained glass pieces in his workshop set up in his garden.

Popping over one Sunday afternoon for a chat, the next thing I know I’m sat at the dining table with a couple of rolls of paper and a box of stained glass swatches, working on my design.

I have to say I was in my absolute element having not really done anything too creative since studying Textiles at university.

Sonya Mallett drawing

Original paper design


I shared my design with John and he started work almost immediately.

Sonya Mallett stained glass work in progress

Work in progress


The stained glass window is made out of two separate pieces due to it being too large (and a high risk of cracking).

Sonya Mallett stained glass half done

First half complete


Working with a local timber merchant I was able to get a frame made to the dimensions of the existing window split into two allowing the stained glass panels to be fitted securely.

When it came to fitting the window in place, it was definitely a nerve-wracking experience and I was keeping everything crossed that the stained glass panels weren’t going to crack (oh could you imagine)!

If it hadn’t been for the brilliant work from my other half making sure the measurements were exact and a very steady hand when it came to installing, it could have been a completely different story!

Sonya Mallett finished stained glass window

Finished stained glass panel in pride of place


Within just two weeks of designing the new stained glass window it was positioned in pride of place.

Not only is it a completely bespoke, unique design it’s a beautiful focal point for both the lounge and the conservatory which resolves the problem of having an outside window in your living space!


Sonya Mallett lamp room

Stained glass window from the lounge


Sonya Mallett conservatory stained glass window.

Stained glass window from the conservatory


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